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Recreation and sport are vital elements of our province’s history and culture. Our citizens participate in many ways – as volunteers, leaders, athletes, coaches, officials, parents, spectators, supporters, sponsors, artists, media, scientists and medical personnel.

Sport is undertaken in active competitive settings such as soccer, hockey, baseball, rugby, rowing, tennis and curling, where organized leagues and teams challenge each other in friendly rivalry. Some of our athletes compete on a higher level with many of our athletes challenging at national and international levels.

Not all participation is competitive however. This includes unstructured physical activity that occurs in natural, outdoor settings such as provincial and national parks, and in the back country or other outdoor environments. Our natural playground provides our people with an ideal setting for hiking, canoeing, skiing, climbing and some of the best fishing in the world.

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are encouraged to pursue physical activity, recreation and sport at all levels for improved quality of life, improved health, enhanced social interaction, personal fulfillment and the achievement of excellence.