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Our Regional Health Authorities are very focused on recruiting YOU - Memorial University Medical Students and Post-Graduate Residents. One reason is the quality of the contribution you are already making to the health care system in this province. Secondly, our statistics consistently prove that retention of physicians in the province is strongly influenced by our ability to attract NL graduates and residents. Early discussions with the Vice President of Medical Services about practicing throughout the province upon completion of your training are important and very necessary. Contact with Regional Recruiters is encouraged.

For more information visit the Department of Health and Community Services website


Provincial Physician Recruitment Office/Bursaries

Contact e-mail:  medservicesprograms@gov.nl.ca

Department of Health and Community Services website


Eastern Health

c/o Administration, Health Sciences Centre 300 Prince Phillip Drive St. John’s, NL A1B 3V6

Dr. Gena Bugden, VP, Medical Services
Tel:  (709) 777-1308 
E-mail: gena.bugden@easternhealth.ca

Janelle Hillier, Director, Medical Services
Tel:  (709) 777-6196; Fax: (709) 777-2180
E-mail: janelle.hillier@easternhealth.ca

Regional Physician Recruiter
Tel:  (709) 777-4223; Fax: (709) 777-2180
E-mail: physician.recruitment@easternhealth.ca

Tracy Puddester, Recruitment Specialist (Locums)
Tel: (709) 777-6071
E-mail:  physician.locum@easternhealth.ca 

Tracy Hedd, Administrative Officer (Carbonear Site)
Tel: (709) 945-5344; Fax: (709) 945-5158) 
E-mail: tracy.hedd@easternhealth.ca 

Nancy Avery, Administrative Officer (Clarenville Site)
Tel: (709)466-5328; Fax: (709) 466-5456 
E-mail:  nancy.avery@easternhealth.ca 

Jennifer Slaney, Administrative Officer (Burin Site)
Tel: (709) 891-3377; Fax: (709)891-3375 
E-mail:  jennifer.slaney@easternhealth.ca 

Central Health
c/o Central Newfoundland Regional Health Centre
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL A2H 2E1
Fax: (709) 292-2249
Dr. David Carroll
VP, Medial Services
Te: (709) 256-2500
E-mail:  David.Carroll@centralhealth.nl.ca 
Sarah Randell,  Regional Director, Medical Services   
Tel: (709) 571-2490
E-mail: sarah.randell@centralhealth.nl.ca 

Natalie Nichols, Regional Physician Recruitment Manager
Tel: (709) 292-8757; Fax: (709) 292-2645
E-mail: natalie.nichols@centralhealth.nl.ca   

Cassandra Hodder, Regional Physician Recruitment Manager
Tel:  (709) 256.5604  Fax:  (709) 256-7800
E-mail: cassandra.hodder@centralhealth.nl.ca 

Western Health
c/o Western Memorial Regional Hospital
P.O. Box 2005 Corner Brook, NL A2H 6J7
Fax: (709) 637-5063

Dr. Dennis Rashleigh, VP, Medical Services
Tel: (709) 784-5168
Email:  dennisrashleigh@westernhealth.nl.ca   

David Palmer  Regional Director, Medical Services
Tel: (709) 784-6702
E-mail: davidpalmer@westernhealth.nl.ca

Jodi Dyke, Regional Physician Recruitment Manager
Tel: (709) 784-5429
e-mail:  jodidyke@westernhealth.nl.ca 

Carmel Turpin, Regional Physician Recruitment Manager
Tel:  (709) 784-6432
e-mail: carmelturpin@westernhealth.nl.ca

P.O. Box 190, Stn. A Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL A0P 1S0
Fax: (709) 896-4062

Michael Jones
Senior Director of Operations (Interim), Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital
Regional Director, Medical Services and Physician Recruitment
Medical Services Office - Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital
178-200 West Street
St. Anthony, NL Canada A0K 4S0
Tel: 709.454.3333 Extension 7806
Fax: 709.454.2052
E-mail: michael.jones@lghealth.ca