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International Students

Medical students studying outside of Canada are welcome to join us in Newfoundland and Labrador for our summer employment, electives and shadowing experience.

Summer Employment

PracticeNL offers a Summer Employment Program for citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador who are currently studying medicine outside of Canada.  The program supports up to 25 medical students from MUN and other Canadian and international schools for up to 8 weeks each year.  The work projects occur during July and August and usually consist of a career shadowing opportunity in medicine or a health related project with a community agency.  The project is student driven and the hours of work are negotiated on an individual basis.  The remuneration is $12.00 per hour and can range from 2 to 8 weeks.  For help to confirm a shadowing or community project, contact the PracticeNL office to discuss your area of interest and availability. Submit the application by May 1st and the PracticeNL staff will contact you by email to begin the process.


Electives provide an opportunity to explore and compare practice in Canada.  It is also an opportunity to visit locations you may want to rank on the CaRMS IMG residency options in the future.  The International Electives Program offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland is organized through Undergraduate Studies of the Medical School.  As the electives are integral to the principles of self-directed learning, students define goals for electives that are appropriate for their own learning objectives.  Email applications to ugme.electives-visiting@med.mun.ca or mail to:

Electives Coordinator, Undergraduate Medical Education,
Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Room 2743,
Health Sciences Centre, St. John's, NL  CANADA   A1B 3V6
Telephone 709-777-6669
Fax 709-777-8379

Email: ugme.electives-visiting@med.mun.ca
NOTE:  Information and applications for Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, St. Anthony, must be addressed to:
Denise Pilgrim, Student Electives Coordinator
Grenfell Regional Health Services, St. Anthony, NL  CANADA  A0K 4S0
Telephone 709-454-0268
Fax 709-454-0393

Email: denise.pilgrim@lghealth.ca 
You must be in your final year of undergraduate medical education (the year before your pre-registration/housemanship/residency year) when you start the elective.  The proposed elective must be formally approved by the school at which you are enrolled.  The total elective period of clerkship in Canada in any one year is 12 weeks in accordance with the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges.  The total elective period of clerkship at Memorial University's medical school is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks within one academic year only.  As the academic year ends July 31st, some students straddle their visit over two academic years to complete 16 consecutive weeks (2 electives).  You are required to complete the immunization record and confirmation of malpractice insurance.  You are required to complete a Visiting Student Evaluation of Elective Period form after completing your elective. 

It is advised that you initiate this request a year in advance of the elective date. The program deadline is stated “eight to twelve months prior to the beginning of the elective period”.  General information for visiting medical students can be found on Memorial University's website.


In addition to the elective program, the Undergrad Program is now in a position to accept requests for shadowing experiences.  The guidelines followed are very similar to those outlined above for Electives, but students are responsible for finding placement opportunities themselves.  If you would like some help in identifying physicians who support such opportunities, contact the PracticeNL Provincial Recruitment Office.  If you have a physician who has agreed to offer you a shadowing experience, contact the Electives Coordinator in the Undergrad office to establish your education license if the physician is practicing within a hospital setting.

Pre-clerkship Elective The goal of this elective is to provide medical students, who are Canadian and studying elsewhere in Canada or internationally, with the opportunity to enhance their clinical, problem solving, technical and interpersonal skills by working one-on-one with experienced family doctors.  There are a wide variety of practices, communities and opportunities available to enhance the student’s understanding of the depth and breadth of family practice.  Each student will be paired with an experienced family physician in the community (rural and urban opportunities) for two to four weeks during the summer months at the end of first or second year. (These are noncredit courses).

Students will gain practical experience in working at the primary care level in a variety of settings that could include office-based practice, home visits, emergency departments, labour and delivery, and both long-term care facilities and in-hospital ward experiences.  This will vary depending on the family physician’s practice profile.

Students will be asked to develop their own specific objectives in conjunction with their supervising teacher.  Formative feedback will be provided throughout and students will be encouraged to evaluate themselves.  Students from other medical schools will be asked to provide a letter of good standing from their undergraduate office, as well as confirmation of insurance.

For an application to a pre-clerkship elective please download it here.

To apply for pre-clerkship electives please contact, Family Medicine at (709)777-6743 or mail to:
Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Rm. 2420A - Health Sciences Centre,
St. John's, NL. CANADA  A1B 3V6

Ireland Visit

Canadian students attending medical school in Ireland can speak with MUN Family Medicine faculty during the annual visit to Medical Schools in Ireland which is usually scheduled for mid-October.  IMG positions at Memorial University are offered through the first iteration of CaRMS and the faculty visit presents a comprehensive overview of the program and an opportunity to talk about the application process for these opportunities.

IMG Stream

At Memorial, the 1st Iteration will include two parallel streams - a CMG Stream and a separate IMG Stream.  In the 1st Iteration, the IMG Stream will be open to International Medical Graduates who have not had previous North American post-MD/clinical training.  A limited number of positions are available through the IMG Stream (further information available at.  In the CaRMS 2nd Iteration, International Medical Graduates may apply to all available positions.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador will only screen applicants for eligibility for the NL Educational Register at the direct request of the Postgraduate Office.

Special Funded

Memorial University of Newfoundland will offer a limited number of special funded postgraduate positions with a requirement for return in service to an area of recognized need in the province.  Preference is given to applicants who have worked in (or have an attachment to) the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, however consideration is given to applicants from outside the province as well.  All positions are attached to a mandatory return-in-service to the province (one year of service for one year of training - credit will be granted for prior service in the province).  Applicant qualifications must be at least equivalent to that expected for regular ministry-funded residency positions and meet the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador's criteria for eligibility.

Please read the Terms of Reference of the Special Funded Program:  


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