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The Newfoundland and Labrador Health Boards Association (NLHBA) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal information. Therefore, the Provincial Physician Recruitment Website adheres to the principles entitled 'Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information', CAN/CSA-Q830-96. The NLHBA has partnered with Memorial University of Newfoundland to avail of specialized internet services that use state of the art technology to safeguard your data. By using the site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement.

The only type of personal information collected at this recruitment website is that which is voluntarily included in the content of a curriculum vitae (CV). The Provincial Physician Recruitment office is responsible for protecting the personal information contained within any CV submitted to the website. When an applicant registers his/her surname and email address, the website can accept personal information designed to create a CV. Certain portions of the site are reserved through password registration for your ongoing management of your personal information. All submitted CVs are immediately stored within a secure section of the application that is accessed only by provincial physician recruitment personnel. Once the CV is reviewed, the process may facilitate submission of the CV to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador (CPSNL) to begin the assessment needed to determine eligibility for licensure. For CVs determined to have licensure potential, CPSNL contacts the physician directly requesting a formal application from the physician. At this point in the process, the provincial office approves the CV for active viewing and recruitment by designated recruiters in the province.

The following principles guide our commitment to confidentiality:

  • It is understood that only designated individual(s) who report directly to the Vice Presidents of Medical Services have password access to CVs. No other individuals within a regional health authority will be delegated to act on behalf of the individual; any necessary work will be done through the Provincial Office in the absence of a designated individual.
  • Compliance to the principles will be monitored by the NLHBA Provincial Physician Recruitment Coordinator with whom responsibility rests for the personal information in its possession, including CVs submitted to the CPSNL for an opinion on licensure.
  • The NLHBA Provincial Physician Recruitment Office has implemented policies and practices to ensure confidentiality. These include: (a) procedures to protect personal information; (b) procedures to receive and respond to complaints and inquiries; (c) training of designated staff and communicating the organization's policies and practices with Regional Health Authorities; (d) information to explain the organization's policies and procedures; (e) in accordance with the Limiting Collection principles, the CV will only be used to facilitate recruitment within Newfoundland and Labrador. In accordance with the principle of openness, applicants can request information about policies and practices relating to the management of personal information by contacting:

Provincial Physician Recruitment Office/Bursaries

Daniel Fitzgerald
P.O. Box 8700, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, A1B 4J6
Telephone (709)729-4029, Facsimile (709)729-5238

Collection of data is entirely for recruitment purposes and limited to meeting that requirement. Email and other personal information will not be shared with 3rd parties. CVs will be held for a three (3) year period to facilitate all average timelines of relocation and licensure. CVs on the website will be fully deleted immediately if the recruitment process ends sooner.

An applicant who has previously registered on the site can withdraw consent themselves directly on the website, or by contacting the NLHBA Provincial Physician Recruitment Office at (709) 729-4029. Withdrawal of consent will result in the CV being removed from the protected section of the website no longer allowing recruiters access to the applicant's CV.

Designated staff are required to sign an Oath of Confidentiality prior to receiving access to personal information.

All complaints will be addressed immediately and, where necessary, the organization will take appropriate measures.