Time to Grow | Culture

Unique. It’s the one word that sums up the culture of Newfoundland and Labrador. There really is no place like this anywhere else in the world. Imagine a culture derived primarily from Irish, English and Scottish roots, mixed with ever-changing weather, a myriad of accents that differ from community to community, and a fondness for communicating with friends and strangers alike.

Health Professionals who practice here appreciate the relaxed lifestyle while enjoying the challenging work and support provided by their fellow professionals. Their families enjoy easy access to outdoor activities, organized sports, diverse arts communities, and the sheer beauty of our landscape. Access to a wide range of recreational, educational and social activities makes the lifestyle both inviting and welcoming. Quality of life is vital to the residents of our province. We measure this in our friendly neighbourhoods, our high quality housing, our exceptional schools, and our attitude to life in general.