The Town of Gander is located in central Newfoundland and is a major service centre for the area. The community is situated on the Trans Canada Highway with access to deep water ports in just 30 minutes.


In June of 1936, workers spilled off the train at Milepost 213 on the Newfoundland Railway. Still incredulous at the task they had been assigned, they set about clearing land for what would become the world’s largest airport, boasting one square mile of tarmac. On January 11, 1938, Captain Douglas Fraser flew a single-engine biplane, Fox Moth VO-ADE, to the first landing at the completed ’Newfoundland Airport’, now known around the world as Gander International. With the threat of war in Europe, Gander became a strategic post for the Royal Air Force Ferry Command. Too new to appear on maps, the air base remained shrouded in secrecy as some 20,000 North American-built fighters and heavy bombers were transported overseas.

Unique Characteristics

The main economic industries are in the areas of transportation, communications, public administration and defense. In addition a large portion of the economy in Gander is driven by the service industry, as it is central to a service area consisting of some 84,000 people within a 100 km radius which includes 149 communities. Therefore, Gander offers all the services associated with a much larger urban center. Gander continues to rise to ever new challenges, diversifying to become the regional service centre for some 84,000 people in more than 100 neighbouring communities.


As per 2001 census, the population was 9,651.

Other Things of Interest

Although there is also easy access to world-class outdoor recreation, you are never more than minutes away from schools, recreation facilities, hotels and a modern hospital.


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