The town of Stephenville, located on the north shore of St. George’s Bay in southwestern Newfoundland, is 48 degrees north latitude and 58 degrees west longitude. It is only hours away from eastern North American cities by air. Regularly scheduled flights serve Stephenville International Airport from points in Canada and the U.S. as well as other parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. The largest runway in Newfoundland, in excess of 10,000 feet, Stephenville Airport is ideally located and equipped to service both domestic and international flights. By way of route 460 or 490, Stephenville is 166 kilometers from the Marine Atlantic ferry terminal in Channel-Port aux Basques. A regular trans-island bus service, DRL Coach Lines, makes regular daily stops in Stephenville.


The Acadian Village was founded in 1844 by two English families. William Hunt and James Penney settled near the Blache River. They were from Margaree, Cape Breton. A year later, Felix Gallant and his family arrived. They lived in a hut that had been left by visiting French fishermen. In the same year, on September 3, they had a son and named him Stephen. The following year they revisited Margaree to have their child baptized. While there, they told their friends about this new ’Paradise’ where there was exceptionally good farm land and pleasant weather. He persuaded some of his friends to return to Newfoundland with him. Things were hard during the early years of the town. People did not have enough food or supplies to support themselves. The winter of 1846-1847 was one of the worse that they had experienced. The Gallants and other settlers faced many hardships. There is still some controversy over how Stephenville got its name. Some believe that Stephen Gallant was the first person born in the area and the town was named after him. However, some believe that Stephen LeBlanc was the first born and that it is after him the town is named.


The weather in Stephenville has always been fairly mild in the summer and cold in the winter. We usually get a lot of rain and wind because we live on the coast.

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