We’re only three hours from the ferry at Argentia or from the Airport at Gander, and just three and a half hours from the provincial capital of St. John’s. Take the Trans Canada Highway to Highway 230 or 233 and cruise north along the coast.


The beginning of a New World. Bonavista is one of the earliest fishing stations and settlements on Newfoundland Island and the point where discoverer Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) first landed in 1497 after his voyage from Bristol England. Upon sighting land it is said he exclaimed ’Oh, Happy Sight!’ which in his native Italian would’ve been ’O Buono Vista!’ Also visit the reconstructed Ryan Premises, a National Historic Site. Soon after its European discovery in the early 16th century, Bonavista became littered with Portuguese, French and English fishermen. However, settlement was not noticeable until the latter part of the 17th century. Bonavista has thrived on the fishing industry ever since the European explorers discovered it. Today, Bonavista provides its residents with breathtaking scenery and a variety of local businesses.

Unique Characteristics

Bonavista is a pedestrian’s delight. The gentle topography is appealing but it is the rich cultural landscape which makes for enjoyable walking in the community. Bonavista has approx. 1000 heritage buildings dating from early 19th century to 1949, more than any other Newfoundland town. In addition there is a complex network of roads and laneways connecting the central areas of the town known as the Harbour and Church Street to various sections of community bearing ancient names suck as Canaille, Mockbeggar, Rolling Cove, Red Point, Bayley’s Cove and Bakeapple Marsh. This makes Bonavista a superb place to wander.

Other Things of Interest

Bonavista offers an incredible way to experience our rich fishing history while being greeted by the whales, seabirds and icebergs that cling to our picture-perfect coastline. The Town of Bonavista has something for every type of tourist whether your interest is hiking, camping, historical homes and attractions or culture and heritage. Come and explore our many historic sites including the Ryan Premises National Historic Site, Cape Bonavista Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, the Mockbeggar Plantation Historic Site, the Dungeon, the Matthew Legacy Building and Ship Replica and much more! Our residents are amongst the friendliest and extend their hands and hearts in friendship to all visitors. The Town of Bonavista has many of the most common church denominations each having its own facilities, groups and organizations.


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