St. John’s


St. John’s is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is just a short flight from major Canadian, U.S. and European centres: Montreal 2.0 hours, New York 4.0 hours, and London, England 5.0 hours. Year-round ferry service to Newfoundland is provided by Marine Atlantic from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, NL. Driving time from Port aux Basques to St. John’s via the Trans Canada Highway is approximately 9 hours. Marine Atlantic also provides summer ferry service from North Sydney, NS to Argentia, NL. Driving time from Argentia to St. John’s is approximately 1.5 hours.


The St. John’s harbour has served as a safe sheltered place after months at sea for explorers, fishing fleets, adventurers and even pirates for more than 500 years. History has it that an explorer named John Cabot was the first to discover the safety of the sheltered harbour in 1497. It was in 1583 that a mariner, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, claimed the land for the British Empire.

Unique Characteristics

As the sun rises in the east, a mystical, foggy haze disappears from the rocky Signal Hill surrounding the harbour port of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, the oldest City in North America. The daylight uncovers the wonders of this historical city; row houses painted the colours of the spectrum, streets lined with intriguing shops of every style and taste, art galleries, and museums that showcase our unique artisans and seagoing heritage. It’s a city of spectacular views and unforgettable people. When the evening grows dark, the world famous nightlife of St. John’s comes alive. From quiet fine dining or traditional homemade fare to a pint and a dance at the pub, the legendary hospitality and culture of this island community are only a small part of an extraordinary experience - Newfoundland and Labrador. Even though we are a small city, we maintain a cosmopolitan feel. For young families, we pride outselves as being one of the safest cities in Canada. St. John’s, Mount Pearl and surrounding communities, all within a 20-minute drive of the core of the city, offer affordable residential opportunities and nationally comparable educational facilities.


St. John’s has a temperate marine climate, meaning that it gets hot and cold but with few extremes. There is occasional fog, rain, snowstorms and the like, but they punctuate-rather than dominate-the weather. Mean daily temperatures range from in 20°C (68°F)the summer to -1°C (30°F) in the winter. Many are surprised to learn that St. John’s has the third most temperate climate in Canada (behind Victoria and Vancouver).


The City’s population is 99,182, while the metro area population is about 182,485.

Other Things of Interest

You can experience much of the history and heritage in the downtown area. Walk the narrow side streets and coves where you will find a treasure of historical buildings, parks, restaurants, craft shops and pubs. On George Street, you’ll find from end to end, clubs, pubs and local entertainment known throughout the world. St. John’s is now a port of call for many luxury cruise ships.


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