Whitbourne is located on Route 81 just south of Route 1 on the Trans Canada Highway.


Whitbourne has been noted as Newfoundland’s first inland town. Settlement began when the construction of a railway line from St Johns reached the area in 1883. Today Whitbourne is known to be a service centre for the communities of Southern Trinity Bay. Whitbourne, unlike most communities on the Island of Newfoundland is inland. It was founded in about 1880 during the construction of the Newfoundland Railway. The railway continued to be an important employer in the Town until its abandonment in 1988, although its economic significance declined gradually throughout the twentieth century.


According to the 2001 Statistics Canada Census, the population of Whitbourne was 930.

Other Things of Interest

Whitbourne has a United, Anglican and Roman Catholic Church. Other Services include: Bus Service to and from St. John’s daily; Telecommunications (Telephone, Internet and Cellular Service); Media Services - Regional and Provincial Newspapers; Cable TV with 26 channels, Community Channel, regional radio station at Carbonear; Various Recreation Facilities (e.g. Stadium, Basketball court, Softball field, & Playground); Organizations & Groups (Army Cadets, Church Groups).