Grand Bank


The Town of Grand Bank is located on the tip of the Burin Peninsula and has many outstanding attractions. This community has rich seafaring traditions, early 1900’s architecture, spectacular views, scenic trails and activities for all ages.


Grand Bank is a historically rich community. Historical documents indicate there may have been French fishermen in Grand Bank as early as 1640. The French census taken in Newfoundland in 1687 shows ’Grand Bank’ with a population of 45 - thirty-nine servants, two masters, three women and one child. The first community had one church, three houses and eighteen muskets. In 1693, census takers recorded some of the prominent names: Bourney, Commer, Chevallier and Grandin.

Other Things of Interest

Grand Bank has a large number of recreational facilities and programs available for men, women and children of all ages. A summer sports program is organized for children ages 3 years to 17 years. Grand Bank employs a full-time recreational director who plans, organizes, and coordinates year-round community, recreational and sporting events. An eleven-member recreation commission supports the director. Some programs include hockey, softball, basketball, tennis, soccer, darts, floor hockey, plus many more. Facilities in the town include: 1 indoor heated swimming pool, 1 school gymnasiums (seating 450), 3 church auditoriums, 5 neighborhood playgrounds, 1 weightlifting fitness room and sauna, 1 soccer field, 1-Municipal/Recreation Building with gymnasiums, 1 softball field, 1 scuba diving club (compressed air available), Hiking trails.


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