Springdale is located in the Green Bay District, a distinct area of Newfoundland in which Springdale is the capital community for commerce and needs of the region. Centrally located, Springdale hosts the only hospital and complete grade school program.


In the early years of Springdale’s history, the chief industries were logging and lumbering. Very little cod fishing was carried on, but a herring fishery started around 1913 and found ready markets created by W.W.I. Factories sprang up around bay and the population of the area swelled accordingly. Steamers arrived every fall to take fish which were processed in what was called the ’Scotch Pack.’ Thousands of barrels were produced annually. The end of W.W.I in 1918 caused a slump in world markets. The local industry began to decline rapidly. After the great fire in 1904, new homes were constructed and more families moved into the area, especially at the height of the herring boom. The population grew from 317 in 1901 to 740 in 1921. At about this time, another industry sprang up, namely cutting pit props and pulpwood for export to England (at which time Newfoundland was still a colony of). Frank Dove and George Warr Ltd. were the chief businesses involved in this trade. Other recent wood contractors involved in this contracting were Maxwell Goudie and the Hewlett Group Ltd., the latter having discontinued wood cutting to branch out into several different business areas.

Unique Characteristics

Springdale’s population of approximately 3500 provides small town appeal with big town services. It has access to sea, land, and air transportation routes all near by. It also has modern and cost-effective housing. The community has its roots in the primary resource industries of logging and mining. The town is also the base for a variety of other industries including boat manufacturing, steel fabrication and aluminum casting. An amazing variety of services, small business and industrial enterprises can be found in the community. The town has a very good public school system as well as a local flight training school. While all the modern conveniences are readily available, the wonders of nature are also close by. Cross-country skiing, sailing, salmon fishing, canoeing, and snow mobiling are all popular pastimes of residents. The town has a softball field, a soccer pitch, tennis courts, volleyball court and playgrounds outdoors. Indoors there is a stadium arena, a curling club, and a swimming pool. Springdale is a wonderful blend of a community at work, with fun surroundings for everybody.


Approximately 3,500

Other Things of Interest

To learn more about Springdale, please visit: www.townofspringdale.ca/