Port aux Basques


Port-aux-Basques is the terminal for the Nova Scotia to Newfoundland ferry operated by Marine Atlantic. This is the furthest point along the Trans Canada Highway from St. John`s which is a long 904km across the rocky, forested interior of Newfoundland. Port aux Basques is close to two airports that could be used for passenger or baggage service. Stephenville is 1 3/4 hours distant, while Deer Lake is 2 3/4 hours. There are major car rental agencies at both airports.


Port aux Basques has a long history in one of Canada`s oldest provinces. It gets its name Basque from the Basque whalers of the western Pyrenees region in Spain and France who crossed the Atlantic and skirted the southwestern tip of Newfoundland en route to Labrador in the 1500s. The little settlements in the area were mainly fishing communities, believed first settled by the French in the late 16th century and later by Channel Islanders and the English. In the 1890s, Port aux Basques became a railway centre and this led the community to expand as a trade centre which grew in importance when Port aux Basques was selected as the terminus of the Newfoundland Railway in the 1890s. Later, in 1893, the railway was linked by the gulf steamer service to the Canadian railways on the mainland. The next big change in Port aux Basques` growth came in 1949, with the entry of Newfoundland into Canadian confederation. Overnight. the Newfoundland railway system, including boats and ferries, was operating a transportation service between Port aux Basques and North Sydney, Cape Breton, becoming part of the Canadian National system. By 1965, over 2,000,000 tons of freight was entering the town annually.

Unique Characteristics

The terrain is mainly rocky with few trees. Bakeapples, blueberries, marshberries and partridgeberries are plentiful on the areas many marshes. Sportsmen enjoy our great outdoors where they can fish for trout and salmon or hunt moose, caribou, and rabbit in season. The area also has beautiful sandy beaches and wonderful scenery.


Mild in winter and warm in summer.

Other Things of Interest

There are a number of recreation facilities in the town, including the Bruce II Sports Centre, a softball field, a soccer pitch, skateboard parks and community playgrounds.


To learn more about Port Aux Basques, please visit: http://www.portauxbasques.ca/