Happy Valley-Goose Bay


Happy Valley-Goose Bay is located near the Trans Labrador Highway and is 1,304 kilometres (by air) and 1,838 kilometres (by road) from Montreal City.

Unique Characteristics

Happy Valley-Goose Bay is a service and administrative center for Labrador. It is a growing and vibrant community with a lot of amenities and organized activities.


We have four distinct seasons, with cold, stable winters and pleasant warm summers. Environment Canada records show that mean temperatures between 1941 and 1990 were 15.5 degrees Celsius for July and -17.3 degrees Celsius for January. A special feature is the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis which perform their magic in our skies during much of the year.


Approximately 9,000.

Other Things of Interest

There are several faiths observed in the Town’s churches, including Roman Catholic, Apostolic, Church of the Nazarene, United Church, Salvation Army, Pentecostal, Anglican, Baha’i Faith, Jehovah’s Witness, Seventh Day Adventist and Moravian.

To learn more about Happy Valley-Goose Bay, please visit: http://www.happyvalley-goosebay.com/home/