Flower's Cove


A fishing, business and administrative centre which serves the area between Current Island and Eddies Cove East qqv, Flower's Cove is located on the northwestern side of the Great Northern Peninsula. The incorporated community of Flower's Cove includes Flower's Cove (including what was formerly French Island Harbour), Nameless Cove and Mistaken Cove. These contiguous coves are sheltered by island, islets and ledges, such as Seal Islands (French Island), Seal Ledges, Flower's Island and Flower's Ledges, which are scattered across the mouths of the coves.


The harbour is the only one of any significance on this generally low-lying, exposed coastline and , as the former name of French Island Harbour suggests, it was frequented by French migratory fishing ships from at least the Nineteenth century (P.A. Thornton: 1981, p.27).