Labrador City-Wabush


Labrador City and Wabush, the twin towns commonly referred to as Labrador West, are situated on the rich iron ore deposits of the Labrador trough on the mainland portion of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The airport is located within 5 km of each town`s center.


The historty of this part of the province is a long and intriguing one. For the native peoples of the region, it can be traced back almost 9,000 years to the beginnings of man on the North American continent. The story of the European presence here is still being told as archaeologists at Red Bay rediscover its first European settlers-16th century Basque whalers.

Unique Characteristics

As a modern, cosmopolitan centre, Labrador City is the nerve centre of a growing transportation network, linking such diverse locations as mainland Canada, Labrador`s coastal communities, the island of Newfoundland and major centres in the United States by air, rail and road. A year-round highway system connects Labrador City (and the nearby town of Wabush) to Baie Comeau , Quebec and the National Highway System; a spur line of the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway connects the towns to Sept-Iles and Schefferville, Quebec; and the regional airport in Labrador West is serviced by mainline domestic and regional/local air carriers.


Winters are very cold with heavy snowfalls and summers are brief and cool along the coast.


The population of Labrador City is approximately 9,100 people. Our sister town of Wabush has 2,300 people.

Other Things of Interest

The cost of living in Labrador West is among the lowest in Canada while residents enjoy a high standard of living. Housing is affordable and the region has the advantage of low electrical rates. Groceries are reasonably priced. The communities are serviced by four large grocery stores that aggressively compete to offer residents the lowest prices in town. Consumers can select from a huge variety of fresh grocery items at excellent prices. Labrador West has the best retail shopping in all of Labrador with many national chains servicing Labrador City, Wabush, Churchill Falls and residents of other Labrador communities via the Trans Labrador Highway. Medical and educational facilities are excellent. Crime rates are among the lowest in Canada. Recreational facilities are exceptional including an 18 hole golf course, an Arts and Culture Centre that regularly features international talents, world class X-country ski trails, alpine skiing, indoor swimming pool, skating rinks, gymnasiums, restaurants, bars and taverns. The communities boast a high level of volunteerism, sports enthusiasts, musicians, artists and artisans.


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