Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital


A 44-bed acute care center with a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services. The wide range of services are provided, primarily, for the population of the Bay St. George area. The catchment (population of approximately 24,000) area serviced by Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital is between Lourdes east to Gallants and south to the Jeffrey’s/St. Fintan’s area.

The hospital has five nursing units: Medical nursing unit which includes medicine, pediatrics and palliative care; OBS/Gyn/Mental Health Unit includes new born nursery, birthing rooms, post partum, ophthalmology, gynecology and mental health; Medical/Surgical unit which includes, general surgery, acute medicine and intensive care; Outpatient/Emergency department which is staffed with nursing and medical services twenty-four hours per day. Outpatient services offered include chemotherapy administration program (adult only), visiting consultants (internal medicine, pediatrics and orthopaedics), endoscopy/colonoscopy, and clinics which include internal medicine, surgery (general and gynecology) and obstetrics.

Sir Thomas Roddick Hospital operates five district clinics in outlying areas of the Bay St. George region, located in DeGrau, Jeffrey’s, Lourdes , Stephenville Crossing, and St. George’s . These clinics each serve several small communities.

Contact Number: (709) 643-5111